Join the virtual team

Projects can demand large or small teams and involve a huge variety of work. Sometimes I am looking for the most unusual of talents!

  • Do you have a specific creative skill that you may be considered an expert or specialist in? For example; hand-lettering, copywriting, storyboarding, photography, motion, visual effects, CGI… (the list is endless!)
  • Do you work, or want to work, with brands who are in the environmental and wellbeing sectors?
  • Do you have excellent self-discipline and work well from home?
lucy cooper from brand by design peering over design books

If you can tick all those boxes, please get in touch by emailing [email protected]. Attach your CV and any links to your work, along with a short summary of your strengths. I will attempt to get back to everybody, but if you haven’t received a reply it is because I do not have a need for your expertise right now but will definitely keep you on file. Thank you so much!